Thankfully, the house wasn’t badly chopped up when it was converted to a two-family.  Often, in the process, the original details of the entry hall are lost.  At 1407, they made two secure units by putting locks on any door connected to the hallways, both downstairs and upstairs.  Seven interior doors and frames were drilled and chopped into, like these seen below:


one of the upstairs bedrooms


dining room door












After the lock's struck plate is removed: not pretty!

after the lock’s struck plate is removed: not pretty!

My challenge was to patch in the holes and missing trim, while preserving the natural woodwork, which I planned on restoring.  I used old pieces, trim, cut and fitted flush to the existing door and casework.

Here’s a gallery of some of the 34 different patches I had to make.  Also included is one in the process of being readied to accept the patch.




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