The Art

1407 Chase was built in 1910 in a style called the “American Foursquare”, hence the square theme. The Square House name also plays off of my previous renovation – The 5k House, which is now referred to as “The Circle House”.

The Invited Artists:

I reached out to Tim McMichael, Paige Williams, and Anthony Luensman to each commission a piece to stay with the house. I asked them to recommend one or two artists that might be a good fit. Fortunately Jeffery Jones,  Joe Winterhalter, Carmel Buckley, and Evan Halter were all available to join in.

My Work:

My art is a combination of playing with the existing or revealed surface history of the house, what I refer to as swatches or “found” work. The other pieces include marrying two old linoleum area rugs from the third-floor rooms and making them into a game board, a motif I’ve used in the past; buying a damaged armoire and restoring it; and making a chalk drawing on blackboard paint. I also included a tin box piece made 19 years ago when I stopped making studio art.

The swatches or “found” pieces:

The “made” pieces:


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