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I’m always stunned by how much I underestimate the number of 2×4 studs needed to frame up the walls.  In the end, it was close to 120.    

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Knowing When To Stop!

It’s a dangerous world when it comes to old wallpaper! I’m okay if it’s well adhered; it can work like “Glidwall,” hiding the cracks in the plaster.  Once it starts to peel back, though, it’s often hard to know when … Continue reading


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Reworking the HVAC

Older homes with forced air systems never had central air in mind, only the mechanics of heating.  This house had exactly what you need for heating, with all of the return air vents in the flooring on the first floor.  … Continue reading

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A Cobweb of Ugliness

Meet Ed: Author, musician, father of six, electrician, and all around great guy.  This is the third project he has helped me on, and I couldn’t imagine doing the project without him.  Thanks, Ed… The house had a newer service … Continue reading

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The Big Dig

First I have to introduce one of my favorite people here in Cincinnati, Ronnie Zins.  He owns a plumbing business in Northside and I’ve known him for over twenty years.  This man is golden…  A great story teller and amazingly … Continue reading

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