A Cobweb of Ugliness

Meet Ed: Author, musician, father of six, electrician, and all around great guy.  This is the third project he has helped me on, and I couldn’t imagine doing the project without him.  Thanks, Ed…

great guy.

It was cold this winter!

The house had a newer service panel with much of the “knob and tube” wiring removed, but some of the retro fitting of the wiring was horrible!  Ed reworked all that was wrong and added a bunch of new wiring.

Here’s a gallery of electrical “don’t do’s” from the Chase house:


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1 Response to A Cobweb of Ugliness

  1. I’m going to need his contact info… if he thought your’s was bad… he will have his mind blown by our 109 yr old house that use to be a 17 person CPA, mess of old and new wiring.

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