Working with the different artists was a blast… that inspiration coupled with what felt like natural fits, I also made a few pieces of art. Most will stay with the house, such as the wardrobe in the entry, the linoleum ‘rug’ and the chalk drawing.


I bought the wardrobe from a local online auction of an estate. The piece had been restored after what appears to have been a period of severe water damage and neglect, any fancy wood veneer had peeled away and the interior door panels had been replace with an unsightly cloth. Being the Square House, it only felt natural to replace the lost panels back with wood then refinish it with the addition of the floating square.

mark - 1


Blackboard paint and white chalk.

mark - 2

mark - 3











When I bought the house each of the two 3rd floor bedrooms had old linoleum ‘rugs,’ both with flower motifs. I’ve used the 8×8 grid of a game board in past work and decided to revisit the motif marrying the two ‘rug’ as alternating squares.

mark - 4


This piece dates back 17 years ago around the time I stopped working in the studio. It’s made with soldered tin.

mark - 5






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