Tim McMichael

For his piece, Tim used Sanborn Insurance maps the city referenced as a visual guide of Cincinnati’s many neighborhoods. The map shows the parcel for 1407 Chase. His piece is built up with multiple coats of clear epoxy with each layer having a different color paint, resulting in a looking-down-from-the-clouds-like effect. The edge – ultimately hidden when the piece was recessed into the wall – is painted a brilliant blue making for a lovely subtle halo effect.

Tim - 4


here’s Tim holding the inch-thick piece:                     the original Sanborn map:


Tim - 1








Since our first conversations, we always saw the piece being flush with the wall. Here you can see the plaster removed so it can be recessed.

Tim - 2


Tim’s piece is located on the second floor landing. Up on the third floor is a ‘swatch’ of old exposed wallpaper, which inspired the design motif on his piece.



View of the hall with the piece by the back bedroom.

Tim - 5






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