Floor Removal

I wish I could have met Laura, the former owner, before she decided to do the work she did.  Most of it feels recently executed, and, in my book, needed to go.  All but one room upstairs had a peel-and-stick square composite tiling…. ugggggly!  The second floor landing and kitchen had an additional layer of tile and substrate.  There’s always a risk in buying a house where the original floors are covered over; I love bringing them back, and just hope the reason for covering them over wasn’t because they are ruined….  So??  They’re salvageable!


the second floor kitchen… It’s like digging for gold!


The  original second floor landing floor had been finished.


the first floor kitchen: the first of three layers, each with a substrate.


You can see the concrete backer board used under the ceramic tile on the right.  The center dark area is a peal-and-stick faux marble with a plywood substrate.  The last layer is probably from the 70’s, also a peal-and-stick on top of masonite.  And, finally, the original pine flooring, to be sanded.


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1 Response to Floor Removal

  1. momalley001 says:

    awesome excavation shot… too bad that whole thing could not be extracted and placed vertically on a wall – a cautionary painting of bad decisions!

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